Logging in to Browser Extension SSO Applications

Once you have claimed an account in a Browser Extension SSO application and installed the EmpowerID SSO Client in your browser, you can log in to those applications from EmpowerID. This topic demonstrates how.

To log in to a Browser Extension SSO application from EmpowerID

  1. From your browser, navigate to the EmpowerID login page for your environment and log in to EmpowerID.
  2. From the Navigation Sidebar, expand Applications and click Login.
  3. This directs you to your Personal Applications page.

  4. From your Personal Applications page, click the icon for the application that you want to log in to.
  5. Type your master password in the Password field and then click Save.
  6. EmpowerID logs you in to your application.

    The first time you access a Browser Extension SSO app after authenticating to EmpowerID, you will prompted to enter your master password as a security measure. Once you have entered the master password, the default behavior of the EmpowerID SSO Client is to cache the password so that you do not need to enter it each time you access the app within your current EmpowerID session. However, you can change this behavior so that you are prompted for the master password each time you access the app.