Removing Access from the Resources You Manage

If you are a resource owner (known as an "Access Manager" in EmpowerID) or another user delegated the ability to manage resources, you can view and manage the access assignments to those resources from the Resources I Manage page of the IT Shop. For example, if you are a group owner, you can add and remove people to and from the group as needed, as well as grant them additional levels of access.


In order to manage access to the resources you manage from the IT Shop, you need to have access to the following EmpowerID resources:

  • IT Shop I Manage page - This page allows you to view any resources for which you are either an owner or a delegated manager.
  • UpdateAssignments workflow - This workflow allows you to initiate updating the access assignments of another person.

If you do not have access to these resources, you can request them from the IT Shop if your organization has made them requestable. If they are not in the IT Shop, you will need to speak with your manager.

This topic assumes you have the above prerequisites.

To remove access from the resources you manage

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar, navigate to the Resources I Manage page of the IT Shop by expanding IT Shop and clicking Resources I Manage.
  2. From the Resources I Manage page, search for the resource for which you want to remove access from another user and then click the Who Has Access link for that resource.
  3. This opens the Access pane. This pane shows you who currently has access to the resource and the type of access they have.

    The Access pane is comprised of the following components:

    • Assignee Type Drop-down- This allows you to filter the results returned to the pane by EmpowerID actor type.
    • Search Field - Allows you to search for a specific assignee with current access.
    • Assignee Grid - Displays the assignees who currently have access to the resources and provides the functionality for adding and removing assignees.
  4. Select the appropriate actor type for the access assignment from the Assignee Type drop-down. In this example, we are removing access from another person, so we are selecting Person.
  5. Search for the actor from whom you want to remove access.
  6. From the Assignee Grid, click the Remove Access button for the actor.
  7. This adds the removal to your shopping cart.

  8. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each access assignment you want to remove and when ready click the Shopping Cart located at the top of the page.
  9. Type a reason for the removal in the cart dialog and then click Submit.
  10. You should see that the actor no longer appears in the Assignee Grid.