Sending One-Time Passwords

If a person forgets their password, help desk staff or other delegated users can send a time-sensitive one-time password via SMS to the mobile phone registered for that person. Once a person receives the one-time password, they can use it to gain access to EmpowerID, where they can reset their passwords as needed.

One-time passwords cannot be used by people who are currently locked out of EmpowerID. Those users must be unlocked first.
In order to successfully send a one-time password to a user, the Mobile Phone Number and Mobile Phone Provider attributes must first be set on that user's Person object. You set these attributes on the Contact Information tab of the Person's Edit One page.

To send a one-time password

  1. From Navigation Sidebar, type the name of the Person to whom you want to send the one-time password (OTP) in the Person search field and then click the tile for that person.
  2. From the View page for the person that appears, click the Actions accordion to expand it and then click the Helpdesk Send OTP tile.