Enabling Persona Switching

If specific users in your organization have different responsibilities that involve periodically or regularly working in different offices, you can create different person objects with different access levels for those people through "Persona Switching."

To enable persona switching

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, navigate to the Person management page by expanding Identities and clicking People.
  2. From the People tab, search for the person to whom you want to add an Approver Delegate and then click the EmpowerID Login link for that person.
  3. This opens the View page for the person. From this page, you can view and manage the person.
  4. From the View page, expand the Roles, Accounts and Login Security accordion and click the Edit link in the Authorized to login as pane.
  5. In the Search field that appears, type the name of the other person identity who is authorized to log in as this person and then click the tile for that person identity.
  6. Click the Save link.
  7. Click OK to close the Operation Execution Summary.
  8. The next time the person logs in, that person will be able to select the desired identity.

    To enable the other person to log in with either of their identities, repeat the above steps for that person. For example, in this article, we enabled Christopher Baker to login as Christopher Baker - Boston Location. If we want to give Christopher Baker - Boston Location the ability to log in as Christopher Baker, we need to set that ability on the Christopher Baker - Boston Location person.