Deleting Mailboxes

This topic demonstrates how to delete an Exchange mailbox in EmpowerID.

Prerequisites: As a prerequisite to deleting Exchange mailboxes, EmpowerID must first be connected to an Active Directory domain with an Exchange organization and that Exchange organization must be added to EmpowerID as a resource system. For more information see Connecting to Active Directory and Adding Exchange.

To delete a mailbox in EmpowerID

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar, navigate to the Mailbox management page by expanding Resources and clicking Mailboxes.
  2. From the Mailbox management page, search for the mailbox you want to delete and click the record for that mailbox to display a list of contextual actions that can be executed against it.
  3. In the following image, the Locations pane has been collapsed to conserve screen real estate.

  4. Click the Delete Mailbox action link.
  5. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the mailbox and then click OK to close the Operation Execution Summary.

To verify that the mailbox was deleted in EmpowerID

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar, navigate to Change Manager by expanding System Logs and clicking Audit Log.
  2. From the Audit Log tab of Change Manager, search for Delete Mailbox:<The mailbox you deleted>.
  3. You should see a record for the Delete Mailbox action appear in the grid.

To verify the mailbox was deleted in Exchange

  1. On a server with the Exchange Management Shell, run the below Powershell cmdlet, substituting the identity with that of the mailbox you just deleted.
  2. Get-Mailbox -Identity

    You should see an error message stating that the operation could not be performed because the mailbox does not exist.