Vaulting Credentials for Computers

After you have created a Computer Credential, you can vault that credential to one or more computers to allow users to initiate RDP or SSH sessions to that computer using the vaulted credential.

To vault credentials for a computer

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, navigate to the Computers find page by expanding Resources and clicking Computers.
  2. From the Computer find page, search for the computer for which you want to vault credentials and then click the Display Name link for the computer.
  3. This directs you to the View One page for the computer. View One pages allow you to view information about a resource in EmpowerID and manage that resource as needed.
  4. From the View One page, click the Vaulted Credentials for Computer accordion to expand it and then click the Add Credentials button in the grid.
  5. In the dialog that appears, type the name of the credential in the Shared Credential field and then click the tile for the credential to select it.
  6. Click Save to save your selection and close the dialog.