Configuring Provisioning Policies

In EmpowerID, Provisioning policies, also known as Resource Entitlement Policies or RETs, are policies that govern how resources, such as Active Directory accounts, Exchange mailboxes and Home folders are given to people. These policies allow you to automate the provisioning, moving, disabling, and de-provisioning of resources for people and are evaluated each time an EmpowerID Person is created or newly assigned to a Business Role and Location, a Management Role, a group or a Query-Based Collection. RETs can be configured so that changes to these type of assignments trigger changes to the user accounts and other resources assigned to those people. For example, if your company employs contractors along with standard employees, you could configure RET policies to automatically provision an Active Directory account, a mailbox and a home folder each time a new employee is onboarded, but only provision an Active Directory account and a mailbox for contractors. And in the event a contractor becomes a standard employee—or an employee becomes a contractor—these policies could take the appropriate action and do things like move their user accounts to a corresponding OU as well as provision or de-provision resources accordingly.

Getting Started