Compiling Separation of Duties Policies

In order to create SoD violation tasks for reviewers to review, Separation of Duties (SoD) policies must be compiled. When a SoD policy compiles, EmpowerID creates a SoD review task for each person in a combination of groups or roles forbidden by the policy. For example, if you have a SoD policy with a rule set that specifies a violation should occur whenever any one person is assigned to both Management Role "A" and Management Role "B," when the policy runs it checks to see if any one person has both assignments, creating SoD review tasks if so.

There are two ways to compile SoD policies in EmpowerID. You can enable the Separation of Duties Policy Compiler job in the EmpowerID Management Console to have EmpowerID automatically compile your policies as scheduled, or you can manually compile each SoD policy from the EmpowerID Web application.

This topic demonstrates how to compile a Separation of Duties policy both ways and is divided into the following activities:

To enable automated compilation of Separation of Duties policies

  1. Log in to the EmpowerID Management Console as an administrator.
  2. From the EmpowerID Management Console, click the EmpowerID application icon and select Configuration Manager from the context menu.
  3. In Configuration Manager, click the EmpowerID Servers and Roles tree node and then check the box to the right of the Separation of Duties Policy Compiler job on at least one EmpowerID server.

To manually compile a Separation of Duties Policy

  1. Log in to the EmpowerID Web application as an administrator.
  2. From the Navigation Sidebar, navigate to the Audit Configuration page by expanding Compliance and Reports > For Auditors and clicking Audit Configuration.
  3. From the Audit Configuration page, click the SoD Policies tab and search for the SoD Policy you want to compile.
  4. From the SoD Policies grid, click the drop-down arrow beside the policy and then click Run SoD Policy.
  5. Click OK to close the Separation of Duties Compilation message.