Integrating Google Recaptcha

In order to allow your users to initiate self-service password reset for a forgotten password, as well as to protect your site from potential anonymous account requests originating from automated software, your organization must have a Google Recaptcha account with Google that can be integrated with EmpowerID. If you do not have a Google Recaptcha account, you can create one for your organization without cost.

To get reCAPTCHA and learn more about setting it up for your domain, visit

Once you have a Google Recaptcha account, you can integrate it with EmpowerID as an OAuth Service Provider application. To do so, you create a new Google Recaptcha OAuth Service Provider application in EmpowerID with the Site key and Secret key associated with the Google Recaptcha account.

If you view a page that requires reCAPTCHA prior to configuration and you get an error (misconfiguration message), you will need to clear the browser cache before accessing the page again. Additionally, after configuration, you should reset IIS.

To integrate Google Recaptcha with EmpowerID

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar of the EmpowerID Web application, navigate to Find OAuth Application page by expanding Admin > SSO Connections and clicking OAuth.
  2. Click the OAuth Service Provider tab, search for Google Google Recaptcha and then click the Provider link.
  3. This opens the OAuth Service Provider Details page for Google Recaptcha.

  4. From the grid, click the Edit button for the Google Recaptcha provider.
  5. In the General dialog that appears, do the following:
    1. Enter the Account SID for your Google Recaptcha account in the Consumer Key field.
    2. Enter the Secret Key for your Google Recaptcha account in the Consumer Secret field.
    3. Click Save.