Mapping Forms SSO Applications

EmpowerID provides a number of Forms SSO applications, mapped and ready for use out of the box. As an administrator of these applications, you can expand this library by mapping new applications as needed. Once mapped, these applications become available to users with access to both the IT Shop and the Personal Applications page.

To map new Forms SSO applications, you need to install the EmpowerID SSO Client application in your browser and have access to the Browser Extension App Mapper control. If you have not installed the EmpowerID SSO Client, see Installing the SSO Client in Chrome.

To map Forms SSO applications

  1. Log in to the EmpowerID Web application as an administrator with access to the Browser Extension App Mapper control.
  2. After logging in, navigate your browser to the login page for the application you want to map.

  3. You should see the Application Mapper control appear in the top-left corner of the page.

  4. Click the Application Mapper Control.
  5. After the Mapper dialog appears, click the Username and Password fields (in that order) and then click the Submit button.

  6. You should see the fields and button added to the Mapper dialog.

  7. When ready, click Submit in the Mapper dialog.
  8. If the mapping is incorrect, you can remove the fields and button by clicking Delete for the incorrect object.

  9. This directs you from the application page to the Credential Details page in EmpowerID.
  10. Select This is a new application.
  11. Replace the default values in the Application Display Name and Application Description fields as desired.
  12. Click Save.
  13. If you have yet to create a password for encrypting and decrypting your secrets, you will be prompted to do so. To create the password, type it in the Password and Confirm Password fields and then click OK.

    The password used to encrypt and decrypt your secrets cannot be the same as your EmpowerID password.

    Once EmpowerID creates the application, you should be able to search for it in the IT Shop.