Port Requirements

To Communicate with Active Directory

For EmpowerID to communicate with Active Directory environments, the following ports must be open:

  • LDAP: port 389 TCP, UDP
  • Global catalog LDAP: port 3268 TCP
  • Kerberos: port 88 TCP, UDP

Internal EmpowerID Communications

Internal EmpowerID communications (SQL over WCF) and the EmpowerID Management Console Windows desktop client application require the following ports be open:

  • HTTPS/SSL: port 443 TCP

Internal EmpowerID communications (if SQL over WCF is disabled) requires the following ports:

  • Microsoft SQL Server: port 1433 TCP

In addition to the above, for password resets you may need to open TDP/UDP 135, as well as all RPC dynamic ports. For more information, see the following Microsoft topics: