Creating Assets

In EmpowerID, assets are any type of hard IT resource, such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones not automatically given to users through Provisioning policies. Once you have created an Asset Type for the asset, you can create assets for each of the resource objects you have in inventory. This allows you to track who currently has a specific asset as well as allows users to request those assets.

Before you can create an asset, you must first create an Asset Type for the particular asset being requested.

This topic demonstrates how to create an asset in EmpowerID by creating an asset for a mobile phone.

To create an asset

  1. Log in to the EmpowerID Web application as an administrator.
  2. From the Navigation Sidebar, navigate to the Asset Management page by expanding Resources and clicking Assets.
  3. From the Asset Management page, click the Actions tab and then click the Create Asset tile.

  4. In the General tab of the Asset Details form that appears, do the following:
    1. Type a name and description for the asset in the Name and Description fields.
    2. Select the appropriate asset type for the asset from the Asset Type drop-down. In this case, we are creating an asset for a mobile phone.
    3. Select or deselect Requestable according to your policy. If this option is selected (checked), users can request the asset from the IT Shop.
    4. Underneath Creation Location, click the Select a Location link and select the appropriate in which to provision the asset. EmpowerID users this to ensure that the user has the delegations needed to create the resource.
    5. Optionally, type any appropriate comments in the Comments field.
  5. Click the Asset Details tab and fill in the fields with the appropriate information, such as the model and serial number for the specific asset you are creating.
  6. Click Save.