Managing Access to Resources

In EmpowerID, you manage access to IT resources through Access Level assignments. Access Levels are bundles of EmpowerID Operations and/or native system rights specific to resource types—such as Exchange mailboxes or user accounts—that when assigned to users give those users the ability to access IT resources in the manner specified by the Access Level. Each resource type has its own set of Access Levels defined with different combinations of EmpowerID operations and rights (where applicable) to ensure that the level of access to the resources remains consistent for the type and the assignment. These actions can range from simply viewing a resource in an EmpowerID user interface to provisioning and deprovisioning resources in native systems. The extent of the access is determined by the configuration of the Access Levels and the scope of the assignment.

EmpowerID provides a large library of Access Levels ready configured for most common resource types and delegation scenarios. You can use these out of the box as well as create your own. The topics in this section show you how to get started.

For a more in-depth discussion of access in EmpowerID, see EmpowerID RBAC Overview and Access Levels Overview.

Getting Started