Overview of the EmpowerID ServiceNow Connector

The ServiceNow Connector lets you manage ServiceNow Users, Groups, Roles, Locations, Companies, User Roles, and Group Membership within EmpowerID.

Supported Features

With the EmpowerID ServiceNow Connector, you can manage all of the following functions in ServiceNow.

Account Management
  • Inventory ServiceNow Users as EmpowerID Accounts
  • Create, update, and delete Users
  • Enable, disable, and change passwords of Users
Group Management
  • Inventory ServiceNow Groups as EmpowerID Groups
  • Inventory ServiceNow Group memberships as EmpowerID GroupAccounts
  • Create, update, and delete Groups
  • Add and remove members of Groups
Locations and Companies
  • Inventory ServiceNow Locations and Companies in the Locations as EmpowerID ExternalOrgZones
  • Inventory ServiceNow Roles as EmpowerID ExternalOrgRoles


The ServiceNow connector uses basic authentication, which takes a username and password. Be sure to use an administrator account for authentication.

Account Attributes

EmpowerID inventories Users in ServiceNow as Accounts in EmpowerID. Here is the attribute mapping of ServiceNow User attributes to EmpowerID Account attributes.

ServiceNow AttributeServiceNow TableEmpowerID AttributeDescription
nameUserNameName of the user
first_nameUserFirstNameFirst name of the user
last_nameUserLastNameLast name of the user
middle_nameUserMiddleNameMiddle name of the user
user_nameUserLogonNameUser name of the user
sys_idUserSystemIdentifierUnique system identifier of the user
phoneUserTelephonePhone number of the user
mobile_phoneUserMobileNumberMobile number of the user
home_phoneUserHomePhoneHome phone number of the user
genderUserGenderGender of the user
emailUserEmailEmail of the user
activeUserActiveIndicates whether the user is active
streetUserStreetAddressStreet of the user
cityUserCityCity of the user
zipUserZipCodeZip code of the user
stateUserStateState of the user
countryUserCountryCountry of the user
titleUserJobTitleTitle of the user
managerUserManagerAccountIDManager of the user
employee_numberUserEmployeeIDEmployee number of the user
locked_outUserLockedOutIndicates whether the user is locked out
last_loginUserLastLogonTimeLast login time stamp for the user
password_needs_resetUserMustChangePasswordAtNextLogonIndicates whether the user needs to reset the password
name (department name)DepartmentDepartmentDepartment name of the user
sys_idDepartmentDepartmentNumberDepartment ID of the user
name (company name)CompanyCompanyCompany name of the user
name (location name)LocationLocationLocation of the user

Group Attributes

EmpowerID inventories Groups in ServiceNow as Groups in EmpowerID. Here is the attribute mapping of ServiceNow Group attributes to EmpowerID Group attributes.

ServiceNow AttributeServiceNow TableEmpowerID AttributeDescription
nameGroupNameName of the group
emailGroupEmailEmail of the group
descriptionGroupDescriptionDescription of the group
activeGroupActiveActive status of the group
sys_idGroupSystemIdentifierUnique identifier of the group

Role Attributes

EmpowerID inventories Roles in ServiceNow as ExternalOrgRoles in EmpowerID. Here is the attribute mapping of ServiceNow Role attributes to EmpowerID ExternalOrgRoles attributes.

ServiceNow AttributeServiceNow TableEmpowerID AttributeDescription
nameRoleNameName of the role
sys_idRoleSystemIdentifierUnique identifier of the role
descriptionRoleDescriptionDescription of the role

Location/Company Attributes

EmpowerID inventories Locations in ServiceNow, along with Companies located in those locations, as ExternalOrgZones in EmpowerID. Here is the attribute mapping of ServiceNow Location attributes to EmpowerID ExternalOrgZones attributes.

ServiceNow AttributeServiceNow TableEmpowerID AttributeDescription
name (company_name)Location (Company)NameName of the location along with the name of the company in that location
parentLocationParentIDParent of the location
L=sys_id;CO=sys_idLocation/CompanySystemIdentifier format:
System identifiers of the location and company respectively

Group Membership

With the ServiceNow connector, you can have EmpowerID inventory Group memberships from the GroupAccount table. You can also add members to groups and remove members from groups in either EmpowerID or ServiceNow, and the changes will propagate to the other system on the next inventory.

User Role and Location Mapping

EmpowerID stores User Roles along with their corresponding Locations and Companies in the EmpowerID AccountExternalOrgRoleOrgZone table.


The ServiceNow connector provides the functionality to create, update, and close ServiceNow Tasks. ServiceNow tasks can be of any type including ticket, incident, change request, and problem.


The ServiceNow connector supports two types of inventory functionality.

  • Incremental Inventory: Keeps track of the inventory run's LastTimeStamp, and brings in only users and groups updated after that time.
  • Full Inventory: Inventories every user and group every time it runs.